Families with children in the Early Years and Year R

How EMTAS supports families

EMTAS has developed some free resources to help families support their children through the Early Years and Year R.

View, download and print this Quick Reference Guide for key information on finding a school place, admissions and attendance, including what to do if your child is absent from school.

For information on how to prepare your child to start school in Year R, see our Quick Reference Guide

For information about School Admissions and Free School Meals (FSM), download the EMTAS Quick-Reference Guide for Parents

For free information leaflets about Reading with your child are available in a range of languages on the BookTrust website.

More information and guidance on bilingualism in the early years is available from the National Literacy Trust. Some of this has been translated into other languages. The same website has information about the use of dummies and talking to your baby.

Free Early Years Education

Some two, and all three and four year olds are entitled to free part-time Early Years Education (EYE). The part-time, free Early Years Education places are available in school nursery classes, state or private nursery schools, day nurseries, playgroups or pre-schools and with approved child-minders.

Advice about free Early Years Education translated into these languages: Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin, Nepali, Polish, Romanian, Tagalog, Turkish and Urdu. (See section 6 on that page).