Review my options and settings

View and personalise your learning preferences used to display information to you in the Learning Zone


This feature is only enabled if you are a Manager.

It allows you to add/edit/remove delegate users for your employees. For more help with this process, view Set up substitutes or delegates for approvals.

Learning notifications

You can control the configuration of learning notifications by selecting the relevant options of Notify me when an item is added to my Learning Plan, Notify me when an item is modified in my Learning Plan and Notify me when an item is removed from my Learning Plan.

If you are a Manager, you can also configure learning notifications to Notify me when the direct report successfully completes an item and Notify me when the direct report unsuccessfully complete an item.

Once selected, select Apply Changes to confirm changes.

Locale format options

Courses will be displayed as per these settings:

  • Date Pattern ID (d/M/yyyy)
  • Time Pattern ID (HH:mm)
  • Integer Pattern ID (Long_01)
  • Decimal Pattern ID (Double_01)
  • Currency Pattern ID (Currency_01)
  • Percentage Pattern ID (Percentage_01)

They are pre-configured and cannot be changed.

Offline player, user ID, activation code

You can view/access the system offline while disconnected from the internet by downloading the offline player. Select the Offline Player button in the Offline Player section of the Options and Settings page.

Use the user ID provided in the User ID section to login to the offline player.

Select Generate in the Activation Code area to display the activation code which you will need to copy and paste into the offline player.

The activation code expires after 10 minutes. You will need to generate a new code every time the old code expires.