Become a tenant of Hampshire County Farms

Hampshire County Farms provides an inclusive gateway into farming, with all the opportunities and responsibilities a farming business will involve.

There are two main types of tenancy – starter and progression.

Starter holdings

Starter tenancies are intended as smaller, more affordable opportunities for new entrants to start and grow their farming businesses. These will normally be for 7 years with a discretionary 3 year extension. Progression tenancies will normally be for 10 years with a discretionary 5 year extension.

Progression holdings

Progression opportunities are limited in number and so will not normally be offered as standard to existing tenants, and will need to be supported by a compelling business case. Where supportive of land management priorities across the wider rural land portfolio, we may be able to create new progression opportunities.

We provide farms that are the right size for new entrants and these will normally include farm buildings and living accommodation. Rents are set at appropriate market rates and reviewed regularly.

My advice to any incoming tenant would be: make sure you have a realistic business plan and a passion for farming – and go for it!

Available farms to let

Farming success

Our farmers are making impressive progress both in the farming industry and with our farms here at Hampshire County Farms.

We are high profile farmers having won awards locally and nationally and we have public coming onto our farm to buy our milk.
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