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As well as being innovative in their business models and exploring new ways of working, we generally require our tenants to  deliver the following outcomes on our farms:

  • keep sustainable food production at the core of farm activities
  • protect the farm’s soil health and structure, keeping it in good condition and putting in organic matter content
  • protect the farm's natural resources including the local water environment which will be vulnerable to nitrate and pesticide leaching
  • improve on-farm biodiversity and connectivity between neighbouring farms, local sites of importance for nature conservation, and within the wider landscape through good management and by providing joined-up wildlife-rich habitats
  • strive towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions with a well-considered plan for monitoring, mitigation and adaptation
  • boost pollinators and promote farmland bird abundance on farm through good management, monitoring and land management practices
  • farm sustainably, adopt better performance measures, with a willingness to undergo independent accreditation and/or periodic auditing to evidence strong performance
  • adopt and uphold exemplar animal welfare standards
  • engage with the public and play an active part in increasing the understanding of farming and rural Hampshire in the local community.

We hope these resources will support you with achieving these aims.

Four cows in a field eating grass.

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