Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan

Planning for minerals and waste development

We are the planning authority for minerals and waste. This means we have a responsibility to protect Hampshire by making sure the right minerals or waste developments are in the right place, at the right time.

The Hampshire Authorities (Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council, New Forest National Park Authority and the South Downs National Park Authority), are responsible for ensuring sufficient extraction and supply of minerals up to 2030.

The Hampshire Authorities adopted the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP) in 2013. The adopted Plan (and its Policies Map) are available to download:

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan

Online policies map

See current safeguarded sites list for current safeguarded sites.

Contact us if you wish to buy a hard copy of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan. There is a fee of £42 by cheque or bank transfer, this includes VAT, packaging and 2nd class postal costs. We will send out the plan once payment has cleared. If you wish to collect the hard copy in person, from the Hampshire County Council offices at EII Court, Winchester, the fee will be reduced to £38.50 (including VAT).

The Hampshire Authorities have produced two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) on oil and gas development and minerals and waste safeguarding. The SPDs provide more guidance on the implementation of the HMWP policies in relation to these issues.

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan - evidence base

The plan's Habitat Record Assessment (HRA) and Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) are available for download below:

You can view all documentation associated with the plan at our office in Winchester. This includes:

  • documents made as part of the preparation of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP)
  • documents associated with the public examination of the plan
  • the consultation documents produced
  • any studies and assessments undertaken to inform plan preparation or the public examination

Electronic or hard copies of the evidence base are available on request. The cost of issuing documents in the evidence base will depend on what is being requested. Most electronic documents are provided free of charge. Once we have calculated the cost, payment should be made by either by cheque of by bank transfer (details available on request). We will send out copies of the evidence base once payment has cleared.

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan - Partial Update and Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) dictates that local plans should be reviewed to assess whether they require updating at least once every five years.  An initial review of the HMWP was undertaken in 2018 and concluded that the Plan’s policies were deemed to be effective in enabling development and implementation of the Vision.  A commitment was made to hold a Review Workshop (which was hosted by Hampshire County Council on 25 September 2019) and to undertake a further Review in 2020.

The 2020 Review of the HMWP was prepared last year and concluded that, although the HMWP has been performing and working to support minerals and waste planning, a partial update is needed to ensure full compliance with the NPPF and the National Planning Policy for Waste (NPPW).

The Hampshire Minerals and Waste Local Development Scheme (LDS) has been updated as a result of the Plan’s partial update.  It sets out the timescales for the delivery of work associated with the Plan.

To support the HMWP Partial Update, a call for sites exercise was undertaken and was live until 5pm on 4 June 2021.  The call for sites exercise has now closed.

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan Partial Update Consultation

Community involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) forms the basis of our procedures for community engagement in the preparation of minerals and waste plans.

More information on our Statement of Community Involvement

Monitoring and Local Aggregate Assessment

Monitoring report

Monitoring allows the Planning Authorities to plan, track and manage the mineral and waste resources in Hampshire; and the effectiveness of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan. A monitoring report publishes the collated and analysed information.

The monitoring report records and publishes the following key information:

  • primary aggregates reserves (sharp sand and gravel, soft sand)
  • aggregates recycled, marine dredged, quarried and imported by rail
  • waste diverted from landfill via recycling, composting, recovery 
  • waste capacity (permitted and installed)
  • renewable energy (from waste products)

Latest report (changed to calendar year format):

2022 Monitoring Report for Minerals & Waste in Hampshire

Previous reports:

Should you wish to buy a copy email [email protected] and we will supply you one in the post. The cost for doing so is £20 (including VAT, postage and packaging)

In line with the National Planning Policy Framework a five year review of the Plan has been carried out and the report has been approved by each of the Hampshire Authorities. The report below contains the full findings and concludes that while an update of the Plan is not currently required, a further review should be undertaken in 2020.

Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA)

The Hampshire Local Aggregate Assessment details the current and future situation in Hampshire with respect to all aspects of aggregate supply. In particular with regards to the county’s land-won aggregate apportionment level up to 2030.

The LAA is updated annually, and covers the following areas:

  • aggregates in Hampshire
  • total aggregate supply
  • future aggregate supply, demand, opportunities and constraints
  • Hampshire’s local approach
  • conclusions and review of the Local Aggregate Assessment

Local Aggregate Assessment reports:

*Under new DLUHC Guidance LAA titles must now reference the year of the data, rather than the year it was written.

South East England Aggregates monitoring report

The Aggregates Monitoring (AM) report for the South East has been prepared from returns made by quarry, wharf and rail depot operators to Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs) or the Area Working Party (AWP) Secretary.

The report includes information on recycling and alternative materials data together with a record of how applications have been determined, withdrawn or remain undetermined at the end of each calendar year. Where possible, trend comparisons are made with previous AM reports.

Current South East Aggregates Monitoring report

We are part of the South East England AWP (SEEAWP) which meets quarterly to discuss issues to do with land-won and marine won aggregates.

Our Privacy Statement about the minerals and waste planning policy sets out our approach to data protection.