Extra Care housing: care and support to meet your needs

Extra Care housing is the latest development in care. It offers affordable housing and a secure place to live in a home of your own. Care and support staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your assessed and emergency care needs.

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Safe, secure but never lonely

Extra Care provides:

  • Your own flat, with your own kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and front door.
  • Qualified staff on-site to respond quickly to a variety of personal care and other support needs (planned and in emergency situations).
  • A safe and supportive environment in buildings close to local facilities.
  • Shared facilities, such as a laundry, restaurant, hairdressing, lounges and gardens.
  • Social activities organised by residents’ groups and supported by care staff.

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Find out if you are eligible

Are you aged 55 or over?

Are you, or your partner, on your local council’s social housing register?

Have you, or your partner been assessed as eligible for care from Hampshire County Council?

You are eligible for Extra Care Housing in Hampshire

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If you are looking for a place in a council-run scheme, you will need:

  • to be aged 55 or over
  • to be on your local council's housing register and
  • to have eligible care needs as assessed by your adult social care department.

To find out about being on the housing register, you should contact the housing department of your local council (this is the council that collects your Council Tax, not the County Council).

Extra Care is designed for people who need care. If you have not already had an assessment of your care needs then you will need to contact Hampshire County Council’s Adults’ Health and Care department to request one.

Privately run schemes are likely to have fewer criteria than council-run schemes. If you are purchasing an Extra Care apartment or bungalow yourself from a private provider, you may only need to meet the age criteria. Find out more.

If you are already on your local council's housing register, you can find out if you are eligible to receive services from Hampshire County Council by getting an assessment of your care needs.

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