Strategy, Extra Care brochures and Market Position Statements

Adults' Health and Care Strategy 2023

Adults’ Health and Care Strategy 2023 - Our vision for health and care - a five year journey

Extra Care Brochures and Market Position Statements

We are pleased to share our Market Position Statements (MPSs). We know that current circumstances present significant challenges, as well as opportunities, for the County Council, our partners and providers. To help respond to this, and plan for the future, our collection of MPSs provide insight into key market intelligence, information about the local economy, and current and future commissioning plans. The MPSs are, in summary, our account of the current shape of the adult social care market in Hampshire. They outline our:

  • Core principles of business 
  • Commissioning priorities 
  • Current resources and provision
  • Promises to care providers across Hampshire

About Market Position Statements

The Care Act 2014 sets out the law around market development in adult social care. It includes duties and responsibilities for local authorities to facilitate a diverse, sustainable, high-quality market for their whole local population, including those who pay for their own care.

The Care and Support Statutory Guidance emphasises the local authority role in leading and communicating a shared understanding of local care and support needs and supply. It suggests that local authorities meet their duties by developing a published Market Position Statement together with providers and stakeholders. MPSs are for those who already provide care, as well as those who would like to become providers.

MPSs should support providers to make effective business decisions and encourage innovative responses to local need. Our MPSs form part of the County Council’s ongoing engagement with providers, and service users, across health and social care.

Comment on our Market Position Statements

Thank you for engaging with our Market Position Statements. We look forward to continuing conversations with providers and stakeholders about how we can best work together to ensure people in Hampshire live safe, healthy and independent lives.

We welcome your feedback and comments on our Market Position Statements to help inform their ongoing development.
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Adults' Health and Care Strategy
Younger adults’ Extra Care housing brochure
Older adults’ Extra Care housing brochure
Physical disability services Market Position Statement

Supporting people aged 18-64 with physical disability needs 

Learning disabilities and autism Market Position Statement

Residential, Supported Living, Help to Live at Home and Day Opportunities:

Mental health services Market Position Statement

Supporting people aged 18-64 with mental health needs :

Independent living at home Market Position Statement

Including the provision of care at home for adults aged 65+ and adults with physical disabilities aged 18 to 64:

Residential and nursing Market Position Statement

Older Adults aged 65+ and Adults with Physical Disabilities aged 18 to 64 :

Market Sustainability Plan