Early Years Education Funding

Claiming your setting's EYE funding

By claiming early years education funding you are agreeing to the EYE Terms and Conditions version 2.1 January 2018

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Parent declaration

All EYE and EYPP funding claims must be supported by a Parent Declaration Form, and the appropriate privacy notice provided.

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Two year old funding

Parents will have applied through the Education Online Portal. If the child is eligible, the parent will be able to provide you with evidence of eligibility with a reference number. If the parent has a code issued from another authority, this has to be verified with that authority. It may be easier to ask the parent if you can make an assisted application on their behalf through your provider portal.

30 hours funding (extended entitlement)

Parents will have applied through the Government childcare accounts. You need to ensure that all eligibility codes from parents have been validated in time for the funded hours to start. Once the codes have been validated the additional hours can be claimed for in the same way as for the universal entitlement.

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

The Parent Declaration Form has all the details you need to make an EYPP claim. When entering your headcount claim you need to include the details for the parent/carer when adding a new child, or for an existing child by updating previously entered information. The EYPP supplement claimed will be added to the payment made for any children found to be eligible.

Disability Access Fund (DAF)

For details regarding the DAF funding and guidance for using the Provider Portal to make your claim.

Deferred entry to year R

If a parent defers or delays their child's entry into year R, a deferred entry declaration form must be completed so you can continue to receive EYE funding for that child.

Early Years Education (EYE) funding is only available up to statutory school age. For clarity children are no longer eligible for early years funding once they reach statutory school age as follows:

Children with a 5th birthday between: Early Years Education funding stops: Parents responsible for funding a nursery or preschool place:
1 September and 31 December On 31 December From 1 January
1 January and 31 March On 31 March From 1 April
1 April and 31 August On 31 August From 1 September
Calculate your claim

EYE funding delivers 570 hours in a year either as a ‘standard’ offer or as a ‘stretched’ offer. The standard offer funds 15 hours over 38 weeks in term time only. The stretched offer spreads the 570 hours over more than 38 weeks and up to 52 weeks with fewer hours per week, e.g. 11 hours x 52 weeks or 12 hours x 47 weeks.

Submit your claim

Your claim should be submitted through the Provider Portal.
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Task Date issued Deadline for submission Payment by
(Providing we have received a complete and correct claim)
Headcount task Tuesday 3 September 2019 Midnight on Tuesday 10 September 2019 Monday 30 September 2019
1st adjustment period Monday 21 October 2019 Midnight on Friday 25 October 2019 Friday 22 November 2019
2nd adjustment period Monday 2 December 2019 Midnight on Friday 6 December 2019 Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Update your service details

To amend/change your service details you need to use the Self Update tile facility on the Provider Portal using this guidance.

If you need to close the setting due to an emergency (bad weather, etc) please follow the Emergency Closure procedure guidance.