Statement of purpose

Our team ensures that residents receive high quality care that enables them to make progress in all aspects of life

Care planning and review

We allocate a key work team to each child and review plans monthly to ensure that their changing needs are regularly assessed. We evaluate the effectiveness of the support provided, make revisions where necessary and note any progress. Our regular consultations with children, staff supervisions and robust internal auditing against quality standards, operational procedures and expected outcomes for children ensures that our quality of care is maintained and improved.

Facilities and services

Swanwick Lodge offers excellent recreational facilities and a pleasant living environment where children can flourish. Our residents have access to an on-site school as well as a Wellbeing team which provides general and mental health nursing and access to a psychologist and a psychiatrist. 

Models of intervention

The Trauma Recovery Model (TRM) offers a recognised model of care and roadmap to help us support the children in our care. We also adopt a restorative approach to misdemeanours, conflict and difference which recognises that children live within a system of family and community.


Swanwick Lodge Statement of purpose