We expect, and encourage, our young people to attend the on-site school

Swanwick Lodge Education is part of Secure and Specialist Education, a strand of Participation and Lifelong Learning. We are committed to improving the quality of learning available to all children.

We aim to:

  • increase access and remove barriers to learning
  • increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • enable individuals to take responsibility for their own learning within a supportive framework
  • recognise and celebrate the achievements of all its learners
  • enable individual learners to make an informed choice about their future direction

Swanwick Lodge is an outward looking centre which provides a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to motivate children and promote engagement.

The curriculum reflects the principle that education programmes should provide an individual learning experience for children with a diverse range of abilities, ages and previous educational experiences in preparation for a return to mainstream, special school, EOTAS or any other educational/community placement.

Key Stage 5 children are offered an appropriate programme of education including vocational preparation and training to facilitate transition to tertiary education and/or employment.

Key practice statements:

  • The Centre provides all children with a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum, which is appropriate for their age, ability and matches any special educational needs in excess of the statutory 25 hours a week
  • The Centre provides education programmes for 39 weeks a year. In addition to the standard school year there are holiday programmes which combine literacy and numeracy skills within fun activity-based enrichment programmes. Thus, education is provided for a total of 48 weeks a year
  • The Centre is a registered examination centre with exam boards and provides multiple opportunities to gain national accreditation
  • On admission there are normative, diagnostic and subject baseline assessments, which inform the proposed Individual Education Plan (IEP) based on current and future needs. This is monitored through formative assessment
  • The Centre liaises with previous and prospective placements to provide continuity of education, to support transition and reintegration
  • Education staff work in partnership with residential colleagues in developing a fully integrated programme of care for each child
Putting young people back in the centre of their own world