Adventure activities at Runway's End

Half day adventures

2 hr 30 min | Ages 6+ | £22

Looking to entertain the family with some adventure? Look no further than our half day adventures.

Scale the climbing tower, embrace your inner warrior with archery, become a sharpshooter in air-rifle shooting, and explore the passageways of our artificial cave system.

We provide all specialist equipment so all you’ll need is a camera to capture some memories and a spirit of adventure!

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Activities at Runway's End Outdoor Centre

Guided canoe tours

2 hr 30 min tour | Ages 6 + | From £20

Guided by our friendly staff, this is a great opportunity to explore, by water, the scenic and historical stretch of the Basingstoke Canal including sights like a World War 2 pill box and local wildlife. The trip includes some light refreshments at a picturesque picnic spot.

The trip begins from Runway’s End Outdoor Centre with a brief introduction from your guide. We will share some canoeing top tips before we set off.

We'll be paddling the stretch of water running under Claycart Bridge. Like its sister, Eelmoor Bridge further upstream, it’s an Army-owned bridge designed by Captain Hopkins during the First World War. It has featured in lots of films, including ‘Bridge of Spies’.

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Activities at Runway's End Outdoor Centre

Woodland warriors

Full days (9:30am to 4:30pm) | Ages 7 - 11

Dates: Available every school holiday

Single day = £50 each
Week (Monday to Friday) = £200 (one whole day free!)

Runways End has partnered with the prestigious John Muir award to offer a holiday camp experience like no other this summer! Nestled amongst stunning woodland scenery, this week-long programme combines an exploration of nature and wildlife with complementary adventurous activities like canoeing, climbing, abseiling and archery.

Both day and week options are available, however, if your child completes a full week of activities with us, they will earn the ‘Discovery’ John Muir award. This award is built around the key tenets of exploration, adventure, conservation, and sharing in wild spaces. Holders of the award will have experienced a deep connection with nature and had great fun in the process!

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Monday: Exploration and Adventure

Canoeing | Orienteering | Mapping

The week kicks off by ‘getting lost’ in the woodlands whilst brushing up on key map skills and teamwork in orienteering. Our environmental tutors will help you decipher natural clues about the fascinating natural and military history of the woods along the way. In the afternoon we’ll head out down the canal on canoes, splash around, learn new paddle skills and tips for no-map navigation.

Tuesday: Shelter and Survival

Fire lighting | Campfire (cooking) | Archery | Shelter building

What does an intrepid explorer need to survive in the wild? Today you’ll examine the resources provided by the great outdoors and their uses for fire lighting, outdoor cooking, archery, and shelter building.

Wednesday: Natural History

Artificial caving | Nature art

A journey back in time! What clues can our wooded area give us about a time before humans, a time where insects had the wingspans of birds? Challenge yourself to squeeze through the tunnels of our on-site cave and learn about the geological phenomena that formed it, then, let your creativity run free whilst you follow in the footsteps of generations who’ve been artistically inspired by wild places.

Thursday: Wild Safari

Nightline | Minibeasts | Climbing

The woodlands are bursting with life, we’ll provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need to scavenge for them. Our nightline course could help you appreciate the movement of a nocturnal animal, and a trip up the climbing tower might provide a better vantage for spotting local birds. Today we also ask the important question: what actions can we take to help the wildlife we’ve spotted in the local area and further afield?

Friday: Climate and Conservation

Tall trees | Crate stack

How do trees play a role in controlling our climate and cleaning our air? Today we’ll carry out a microclimate experiment and look at natural signs of air quality such as lichens to understand the importance of wooded areas. We’ll teach you an easy way of measuring tree height and calculating its carbon content, then its over to you on the crate stack challenge to see if you can build as high as an oak!

For parents: On the Friday afternoon we hold an award ceremony at 3:30pm where the young people present what they’ve learnt during the week and receive their John Muir award. it would be lovely to see you there, refreshments will be provided!

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