When is a travel plan required?

Travel plans are required for all planning applications where a Transport Assessment is required. The exception is residential applications where a travel plan is required for an application of 100 or more households.

A travel plan must be included when submitting the planning application.

Not all planning applications need a travel plan. However, we may ask you for one even if your plan doesn't meet the usual thresholds. This is because some smaller scale developments can have significant transport impacts. A travel plan will be required for:

  • development in or near an Air Quality Management Area
  • development in an area that has been identified for specific initiatives for the reduction of traffic, or the promotion of alternative transport
  • any area where it is known that the cumulative impact of development proposals is a cause for concern
  • provision of new or extended school and other educational facilities
  • an extension to an existing development that causes the site to exceed the threshold
  • all instances where the local planning authority requires it