Older person's bus pass

Find out if you’re eligible and how to apply for and renew an older person's 'blue stripe' bus pass

Who can apply

Concessionary bus passes are available for older people who have reached State Pension age and resident in Hampshire (not including Southampton and Portsmouth).

Check when you can get your bus pass.

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When you can use your bus pass

The older person’s bus pass entitles you to free travel on bus services throughout England from 9:30am to 11pm Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on public holidays.

Bus passes issued by another English council can be used in London for free travel on buses displaying the red roundel from 9am. Show your pass to the driver as passes don’t currently read on the card readers.

You can use your bus pass on Park and Ride services that are registered as local bus services (you must still pay for the parking).

For more information about community services in your area, please use Connect: community transport in Hampshire.

On routes which have an infrequent service where there is a journey between 9am and 9.29am and then no further journey until 10.31am or later, passes will be accepted for free travel from 9am on those specific routes.

Bus services you can use before 9:30am with your pass.

Apply for a bus pass

The link at the bottom of this section will enable you to apply on-line OR print a paper application form indicated below to apply manually.  Before you go any further please read the following information which is important to your application.

You will need to provide:

  • a recent, colour, passport sized photograph of yourself, (if applying by post print your name and date of birth on the back). Your photograph, which must show your head and shoulders only, be without head gear (except on religious or medical grounds) and be front facing and alone, will be printed on the bus pass so that you can be identified as the pass holder when travelling. We cannot accept photographs that are obscured or marked.
  • proof of Hampshire address (e.g. copy of your driving licence or if dated in the last 12 months a utility bill
  • proof of age (e.g. a copy of your driving licence or letter from the State Pension Service confirming your eligibility for state pension) i.e. a driving licence will cover both age and address. Or provide a copy of your passport showing the same name and date of birth as shown on the application form for proof of age only.

If you don’t have the above documents, you will need to provide alternative evidence. Your name and address must be the same as provided on your application form.

If you need to update further evidence to your online application re-visit the My Bus Pass website and log in using the seven digit reference number as your username and using the password you supplied when making your original application.

To apply by post please send a completed application form and all the relevant documents to: Bus Pass Team, PO Box 696, Fareham, PO14 9PD.

Please do not send original documents, they will not be returned to you.

Upon receipt we will review your application and if successful the bus pass will be posted to you within 10 working days. If you apply early your pass will be sent to you in time for your eligibility date. We will contact you if further information is required.


Older person’s bus passes are not valid on:

  • reserved seat services i.e. coaches. 
  • temporary services running for less than six weeks (e.g. shuttle buses to special events and some tourist services e.g. New Forest Tour Bus)
  • taxis, rail services, ferries, shopmobility, voluntary car schemes and the Hedge End Park Minibus Service
  • Community Transport services
Is your bus pass due to expire?

If you have changed address without notifying the bus pass team, complete the change of address form, or email [email protected] or call 0300 555 1376. You will need evidence of your new address.

If you have not received a new pass by the expiry date of your current pass please email or call the bus pass team.

Renewing your bus pass

Hampshire County Council older person’s bus passes are automatically reissued two weeks prior to the expiry date of the current one if they have been used regularly and within twelve months of the expiry date. If your pass is not automatically reissued this means you either need to confirm your address or to provide updated proof of address before your bus pass can be reissued. When you renew your bus pass online you will be asked to upload documents showing evidence of your address.

The online renewal process is not available to you if your pass has expired for more than one year, you will need to provide your updated details via email.

Please inform the bus pass team if your appearance, address or circumstances has changed as you do have an option to change your current concession if needed. Also notify us if the person for whom the pass has been issued, no longer needs it.

Renew my bus pass

If you are unable to upload evidence of your new address, please complete the change of address notification form. Once your address has been changed, you can then renew your bus pass online. It can take up to 5 working days for your address to be updated. Should your address change before expiry of your current bus pass, please complete the change of address notification form.

If you are moving into Hampshire you will need to apply as a new customer.

If your health circumstances change you may be able to swap an older person’s bus pass for one of the disabled person’s concessions providing you meet the eligibility criteria. You will need to complete a new application form providing evidence of your disability and return your current pass.

If there have been other changes to your circumstances since your original buss pass was issued, please email details of the changes to [email protected].

Moving house

If you are moving out of Hampshire email [email protected] to tell us. You will need to apply to your new authority to replace your bus pass.

If you have moved into Hampshire, and are currently using a previous authority bus pass, you will need to apply as a new customer to Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire County Council bus pass holders who move house since the issue of the current pass are reminded to advise the County Council of their new address by completing the change of address notification form (for current Hampshire County Council customers only). You need to:

  1. complete the online change of address form
  2. provide evidence of your new address - this can be a copy of your driving licence, a utility bill dated within the last 6 months or an official letter with a recognised letterhead showing your address dated within the last 6 months.

There are three different ways to submit your evidence. Your evidence can be:

  1. uploaded when you complete the online change of address form (photos of documents are accepted)
  2. emailed to us at [email protected] as an attachment, ensuring you include your name, OLD address and the new address in the email
  3. posted to Bus Pass Team, PO Box 696 Fareham PO14 9PD ensuring you include a note with your name and OLD address details with your new address evidence.

You will NOT receive a new bus pass when your current bus pass expires unless this evidence is provided.

Lost, damaged or stolen pass

If your pass is not scanning it is likely that the internal chip has been damaged. You will need to pay for a replacement pass.

If you believe your bus pass is lost or stolen:

  • contact the bus company to ask if someone has handed it in
  • check your home and personal belongings. Many customers find their pass after they report it missing

The cost of a replacement pass is £18. Your lost pass is cancelled when payment is taken for a replacement and refunds cannot be made if your pass is subsequently found. Bus drivers will withdraw cancelled passes.

If the pass has been stolen, the replacement is free if you reported the crime to the police. We will ask you to tell us the crime reference number.

We will send the replacement pass to you within 10 working days.

For Hampshire County Council customers only

Apply by credit or debit card

If your address has changed since your current bus pass was issued, please advise the Bus Pass Team of your new address by completing the change of address notification form before ordering your replacement bus pass. Allow 5 working days before applying for a new bus pass, to allow time for your address details to be updated.

Replace a lost, damaged or stolen bus pass

Apply by post

To apply and pay by post, print and complete the application form. Send it to us with a cheque or postal order for £18 made payable to Hampshire County Council. Write your name and date of birth on the back of the cheque. A photo is not required, but you can send a new one if you want to.

IMPORTANT: If you have moved address since your current bus pass was issued and have not notified the County Council of the new details, then you need to submit an online change of address notification form before posting your concessionary bus pass replacement application form to us with your payment of £18.

Post to:
Bus Pass Team
PO Box 696
PO14 9PD