Streets Ahead

Child pedestrian training scheme

Streets Ahead is the pedestrian training scheme offered by the Hampshire County Council’s Road Safety Team. All schools in the Hampshire area have the opportunity to take part.

The training is aimed at Year 2 children aged 6-7 years. 

The first part of each lesson involves practical experience on a route selected and assessed by a Road Safety Officer. The second part is an indoor group activity using the Streets Ahead children’s activity book, a free resource for each child issued to the school by the Road Safety Team.

cartoon of su li crossing the road

Lesson 1

Using the Green Cross Code

How to Cross the Road

What to Wear and How to Behave

Lesson 2

Choosing Where to Cross

How to use different crossing


Lesson 3

Keeping Safe on Pavements

Finding the Safest Route

Playing Safely

As children have difficulty judging speed and distance until they are about 10, we recommend that they should not be crossing roads unsupervised until this age. For this reason the children hold hands with the adult trainer and any decisions are made collaboratively.

In order to avoid the busy school traffic periods at the beginning and end of the school day, courses are run during school hours.

Each school who participates will need to find volunteers who are available during the school day to run the courses. These volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be nominated by the head teacher. They will be trained by a Road Safety Officer and will undergo a check by the criminal records bureau. The volunteer training is a 2 hour session, held during the day at the school.

Find out more about setting up the scheme
Contact the Road Safety Team on 01962 846100 or