Staying Safe

Don’t leave your senses at the roadside

Over 112 12-15 year olds were killed or injured on Hampshire’s roads in 2019. Globally over 30% of those killed and injured in road traffic crashes are less than 25 years old.

At secondary school you’re likely to be travelling more independently, and it’s easy to be distracted by friends, using a mobile phone or listening to music. But you need to look after yourself and your mates, and always give the road your full attention.

We are not saying stop chatting, texting or enjoying music, but do try and ignore these distractions when you are crossing the road.

Did you know it takes 23 metres for a car travelling at 30mph to stop?  That's about 6 car lengths, and this distance doubles when wet!

What should you do?

  • Plan your journeys carefully choosing the safest not the shortest route
  • Use safe places to cross like zebra and pelican crossings when you can, and always check the traffic has actually stopped before you cross
  • Make yourself visible to traffic by wearing bright colours during the day and reflective materials when it’s dark
  • Always give the road your FULL attention. Allow your calls to go to voicemail, ignore any text messages and turn your music off whilst crossing the road; it can all wait until you are safely across
  • Always be alert and aware of traffic