Staying Safe

Between 2005 and 2010 there were over 2500 child road accident casualties in Hampshire

12-19 year olds are more likely than other road users to be killed or seriously injured in a road incident Worryingly, 42% of Capital FM listeners in Hampshire aged 12 - 16 who were surveyed, admitted to 'sometimes' using a mobile phone whilst crossing the road. With almost 1 in 5 teenagers reporting they've been involved in a road accident or "near miss" on their way home from school.

Why is this

It is likely that you are travelling more independently now and as a result you can be easily distracted by your friends or hand-held devices. Talking and messing about with friends, texting, talking on a phone and listening to music are all distractions that make pedestrians less safe.

What can you do

Make sure you plan your journeys carefully choosing the safest not the shortest route and using safe crossing places where you can. Make yourself seen to traffic wearing bright colours during the day and reflective materials when dark. Always give the road your FULL attention. Use voicemail, turn your music off, it can all wait until you are safely across the road. Remember it takes 23 metres for a car travelling at 30mph to stop - that's about 6 car lengths, and this doubles when wet!