Street Sense video transcript

(Begins with Street Sense graphics)

Street Sense is Hampshire County Council's new road safety awareness campaign for 11 to 16 year olds. It aims to help teenagers stay safe as they travel on foot or bike, particularly when on the way to and from school. (Images - General shots of press conference etc. including plenty of banners / branding).

The campaign highlights the potential risk of accidents caused by a momentary lack of concentration, for example, when distracted by mobile phones and MP3 players.

(Images - Press conference, assembly etc. Attentive faces of school pupils).

The programme includes an interactive assembly presentation including demonstrations of the difference cycle helmets make, as well as eye-opening facts about car stopping distances (footage from the assembly). The short film Ghost Street highlights the danger of a lack of concentration whilst walking to school and is followed by a class discussion about responsibility on the road (footage from the Ghost St session). A computer-aided design session details the thinking behind road safety measures (brief accompanying footage) and Bikeability training aims to keep teenager cyclists safer while promoting the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle. (brief accompanying footage).

The campaign was developed after a study revealed that in a five year period there were a total of 773 casualties aged 11 to 16, with 3 fatal and 154 serious injuries (on-screen graphics over road footage).

Arnewood School in New Milton and Swanmore College were two of the first schools to experience Street Sense.

Soundbites from Swanmore deputy-head and children from both schools.

*Children’s first names only

To find out how your school canaccess this innovative programme contact The Road Safety Team (Images - A dynamic montage of the day's activities to close).