Cyclist access at Hampshire household waste recycling centres

From 19 July 2021, cyclists will be able to book a time slot at household waste recycling centres in Hampshire

Cyclists are able to book an appointment at any Hampshire household waste recycling centre. When booking, enter "BIKE" in the registration field. 


To ensure the safety of residents and staff, the following restrictions for cyclists are in place:

  • Cyclists will be treated the same as vehicles. Cyclists must join the vehicle queue and wait to be admitted by a member of staff. Attempting to jump the vehicle queue will not be tolerated and may result in your access being refused.
  • Park your bicycle in a marked parking bay as directed by site staff.
  • Be aware of other vehicles when moving around the site.
  • Cyclists may only visit the recycling centre once during the booked time slot.
  • All residents must comply with the Highway Code when visiting the recycling centre.
  • We recommend that you wear high visibility clothing when manoeuvring around the site on your bicycle.
  • Hampshire County Council will not admit residents who cycle to the recycling centre during pedestrian access hours and walk waste in to avoid the booking system.
  • Hampshire County Council reserves the right to review cyclist access at any time and make changes to this arrangement on the grounds of safety, fair access and resident feedback.

About the initiative

This initiative has been implemented in response to demands from residents and councillors to consider cyclist access at our household waste recycling centres. 

All vehicle and permit restrictions remain in place. You must check which restrictions apply to your vehicle.