Visit a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) with a van, pick-up or trailer

You need a permit to dispose of household waste in a van, pick-up or trailer at any Hampshire HWRC. The permit can take up to 10 days to arrive and will incur a £18 administration fee.

The permit is valid for one vehicle for up to 12 visits or 12 months, whichever comes first. The permit is valid at any Hampshire HWRC, plus Southampton City Depot (Dock Gate 20).

If you need to dispose of commercial or trade waste, use our trade waste service.

Who can apply

Residents of Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth can apply for a permit. The permit can be used at any Hampshire HWRC, plus Southampton City Depot (Dock Gate 20). The permit is not valid at Portsmouth HWRC.

How to use the permit

When you arrive at the HWRC, show your permit to the site staff. They will mark the permit to indicate that one visit has been used.

Visiting more than once a day

Each visit counts separately. If you visit a HWRC twice in one day, this will count as two visits.

After using all your visits

Once you have made 12 visits, the site staff will retain your permit. You can then apply for a second permit. You will be charged an additional £18 administration fee. You can apply for up to two permits per year, allowing 24 visits in total.

About the permit scheme

HWRCs are for the disposal of household waste. Your council tax pays for this service. You can visit in a car for free to dispose of your household waste.

Commercial and trade waste is costed and handled separately through the trade waste service.

If you need to use a van, pick-up or large trailer to dispose of household waste, the permit allows site staff to confirm you are not incorrectly disposing of trade waste. This reduces the burden on the council taxpayer. A £18 administration fee applies for all permit applications. This covers the cost of administering the permits, including checking, printing and posting.