Reasons to choose HTM for long term vehicle hire

At Hampshire Transport Management, we strive to offer a friendly, expert service that provides peace of mind. We’re dedicated to safety standards and full support throughout the life of your vehicle. To make sure that when you hire a vehicle long term (between 1 and 10 years) it works at the highest standard for you and your organisation, we offer the following benefits:

Accident repairs

Following an accident, we will make a full assessment of the required repairs and arrange for estimates and the final repair to be carried out on your behalf.

Excess and low mileage

We charge just 10p per excess mile and set realistic annual mileage rates.


Fully comprehensive insurance is included in our contract hire price for Hampshire County Council organisations.

No additional upfront payments

We'll never ask for additional monthly payments up front.


We pride ourselves on our work to improve sustainable transport in the public sector. In fact, we were even runners up in the Public Sector Green Awards in 2022.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Tyres and windscreens

We cover all windscreen and tyre repairs not caused by negligence. We also provide a 24-hour mobile tyre repair service.


All vehicle maintenance is included in our contract hire arrangement and is an optional extra for outright purchase customers. We operate five IRTEC (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) accredited workshops across Hampshire, staffed by professional and fully-trained and IRTEC accredited technicians. Courtesy vehicles are available on request, subject to availability.

We also offer specialist minibus (driver training, vehicle supply and vehicle maintenance) and winter maintenance (vehicle supply and maintenance) services.

Residual values

Residual value is the value of a vehicle at the end of the contract hire agreement. For example, if a minibus was bought for £35k on a 5 year agreement, the residual value would be £14k (40%). This is what we would expect to sell the vehicle for. Our contract hire arrangement offers a fair and realistic residual value for the length of the contract and the anticipated wear and tear on the vehicle.