Fuel supply

Fuel cards and key tags are an efficient way of purchasing fuel for your Hampshire County Council department, school, college, voluntary organisation or charity’s vehicle. By using these payment methods, your employees won’t need to pay for fuel themselves and then claim it back, so they’ll never be out of pocket. Our fuel customers are setup for monthly billing at the start and billed accordingly.

Fuel cards and key tags can be used on any vehicle, not just ones leased or hired by Hampshire Transport Management. They can only be used by organisations and aren’t available for personal use.

Key tags

Key tags allow you to fill up at the HTM fuelling stations based at each of our workshops.

  • Fuel is charged at a lower rate than external fuel stations
  • Bio diesel and gas oil are available
  • You’ll receive monthly invoices with no hidden costs

Allstar Fuel cards

Fuel cards are accepted by 95% of major filling stations.

  • No need for petty cash
  • Give the ability to detect suspect transactions
  • Lost or stolen cards can be blocked within moments
  • Option for use with car wash systems
  • Provided by the UK's leading fuel management service

Allstar Electric cards

  • Easily charge your electric vehicle at a wide network of charging points
  • For a map of charge point locations visit Allstar Site Locator and select 'Allstar Electric Charging Network' in the 'Select your card' dropdown