Deciding which schools to apply for

It is important to find out about the schools you are interested in before naming them on your application form. You can name up to 3 schools

Find a school

Hampshire’s school details pages list all publicly funded schools in Hampshire and includes:

  • contact details for each school
  • a location map
  • links to the schools’ website
  • latest Ofsted report
  • admission arrangements, including a map of the catchment area

Find schools including non-Hampshire schools local to your home.

Check the catchment

You can find the catchment school for your address by using the school catchment area finder.

Visit the school

Each school is a community with its own special character. Most schools have open evenings or open days when you can visit and see the school in action. Contact the school to make an appointment. You can also request a copy of their prospectus.

Read the admission policy

Each school has an admission policy which sets out how places will be allocated if the school is oversubscribed.

Refer to admission data

Find out how many applications the school had last year compared to places available and the criterion of the last child admitted. This may give you some idea of the likelihood of your preference being met. See previous years admissions data.