Making a referral for support for a Traveller child

Support available

Support is available to all Travellers whether living on a site, mobile or housed. Housed Travellers may still maintain their cultural identity, values and expectations. Parents may still feel wary of school because of their own experiences of education and they may still travel for periods of time, and feel their culture is not understood or recognised.

Any of these issues and/or a number of other factors may result in barriers to accessing education. Because of this, EMTAS maintains a flexible approach when working with housed Travellers and will offer advice to schools and other services if there are concerns. It is important to remember that the majority of Travellers in Hampshire are housed.

Transition support for Year 6 Traveller pupils can also be provided during May–July to prepare them for secondary school.

Refer a Traveller child

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For further information contact the EMTAS office:

Telephone 01256 330195