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School and college travel information for families

When choosing a school place, it is important to think about how your child will travel to and from school each day. Most families in Hampshire organise their own home to school journey. Those families may walk, cycle, use public transport, lift-share with other families or take their child to school in their family car.

See our Travel to school page for ideas and information about your child’s journey to school.

There are over 170,000 pupils attending school in Hampshire and over 90% organise their own transport. However, Hampshire County Council has a duty to support some families with their school journey. Families must meet specific criteria to be eligible for this support. School transport assistance costs Hampshire County Council over £30 million every year.

Enquiring about SEN transport?

If you enjoyed Home to School transport last year and you have not been contacted by us yet this means that the transport arrangement will continue into the autumn term without any changes.

If you are enquiring about a new application for SEN Home to School Transport - we will be in contact soon.

If you are currently receiving transport and your contact details have changed complete a new Contact Card.

To contact the Transport Team, email school.transport@hants.gov.uk or phone 01962 846924. If you need to speak to the SEN Service about placements please visit their website for contact information.