Equipment and adaptations

There is a wide range of equipment, adaptations and advice that can help make your life at home easier and safer

How we can help

Occupational therapists (OTs) work with a range of people including those who have physical, mental and/ or social problems, either as a result of accident, illness or ageing.

The occupational therapy team will be able to offer help and advice about:

  • getting in and out of your home
  • managing the stairs
  • getting in and out of chairs and beds
  • getting on and off and using the toilet
  • using the bath or shower
  • managing kitchen activities such as standing at the sink, getting food to a table

Depending on your specific circumstances, it may be possible to arrange for small adaptations or for the loan of certain equipment.

Please note, there may be a waiting list for these services. Alternatively, you can purchase privately from a range of organisations. Visit our information and advice pages about equipment on Connect to Support Hampshire.

If you are looking for telecare equipment (such as pendant alarms and sensors), see our care technology page.

Return or repair of equipment

Any equipment that has been loaned to you by the Hampshire Equipment Services (HES) will have a sticker on it. Contact HES directly to arrange collection, repair or replacement:

  • for OT equipment phone 01256 476 800
  • for sensory equipment phone 01489 570 278

For rails and other minor adaptations installed by the Hampshire Technician Service

The technician service will be able to remove rails and other pieces of fitted equipment if you no longer need them, or are moving house. Apart from some galvanised rails the technician service is usually not able to re-fit or recycle rails and pieces of fitted equipment.

For the removal of stair lifts

If your stair lift was purchased privately or through a Disabled Facilities Grant and you wish to donate it, the technician service will remove it at no cost. These lifts are then re-used by the Adults' Health and Care department, usually for people who are terminally ill. However, you will need to check with your local Council before you do this, as some Councils will expect the stair lift to be returned to them for recycling.

  • If the stair lift was installed by Hampshire County Council for a temporary need, then the technician service will arrange for this to be removed
  • phone 01489 559 477

Moving house

Depending on the sort of equipment you require and whether you are moving within the county or from another county, it should be possible to either transfer freestanding equipment from the County Council, or arrange provision in your new property.

In some cases you will need a reassessment of your needs in the new property. In most cases it is not practical to remove rails and other fitted equipment from one property and reinstall them in another.

Please contact Adult Services as far in advance as possible of the move because many adaptations and equipment loans can take time to arrange.