Information before your appointment with Adults' Health and Care

We recommend that you read the following information.


Information about the Brokerage Team and how they find the right care for you.

Carer's assessment

For people who may need support in their caring role.

Customer information checklist

Used at your care assessment to record information shared with you.

Extra Care housing

Information about Extra Care housing, designed for people who need some extra help to look after themselves but want to continue to live independently with the reassurance that staff are onsite to respond to emergencies.

My meeting with Adults' Health and Care

Information to help you prepare for your first meeting with us.

Paying for care

How we assess whether you are eligible for funding from Hampshire County Council towards your care and how we work out what contribution you need to pay.

My permission to share

A form used to capture your permission to share information with other people and organisations.

What to expect at your review

Information to help you prepare for your review with Adults' Health and Care.

Who can get help from Adults' Health and Care?

An easy read leaflet explaining who we can help and how we can help them.

Your financial assessment

Information to help you prepare for your financial assessment, which will establish how much, if anything, you should pay towards the cost of any chargeable care services you receive.

Your information

How we use your information, how it is stored, your permission to share information and how you can access your records.

Connect to Support Hampshire

You may also be interested in the Connect to Support Hampshire website. This site is an online information and advice guide and directory of services for adults with care and support needs who live in Hampshire. Find out about local groups, activities and services within the community, as well as formal care provision. You can also find information about making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

If you are in your 60s, 70s or beyond, you can take positive steps now to improve your health and wellbeing. Take a look at the Live Longer Better website to find more information about keeping active, staying steady on your feet, the importance of hydration and continence and keeping connected with others.