Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership

Resources and advice for professionals who work with people whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership is formed by a variety of statutory and voluntary sector agencies working together to tackle the issue of domestic abuse. Our partnership includes the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Board.

This partnership website aims to provide a central source of information for professionals. We share local and national domestic abuse policy guidance, news, training and events.

You can contact the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership by emailing public.health@hants.gov.uk.

Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Board

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership (HDAP) Board works to determine the most effective ways of delivering domestic abuse services across all agencies in Hampshire.

HDAP Board’s objectives are:

  • Promote healthy relationships and prevent domestic abuse from starting: by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster domestic abuse and intervening early to prevent it taking place, we aim to prevent domestic abuse from happening in the first place
  • Ensuring victims are protected and supported: by protecting victims and their children from abuse and providing adequate levels of support where violence occurs
  • Reducing the impact of abuse on children, adults at risk, families and communities: by taking a whole family approach we aim to reduce the impact of abuse and cycle of abuse and achieve the best outcomes for children, adults at risk, families and communities
  • Reducing those who perpetrate abuse: by ensuring perpetrators are identified, supported to change behaviour and brought to justice where appropriate

These are guiding principles which underpin our work. They take into account the priorities of the national Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy & Action Plan and local partners’ priorities and plans.

The role of the HDAP Board is:

  • to address the recommendations from MARAC reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs), serious case reviews and OFSTED/JTAI reviews/inspections
  • to explore the scope for joint commissioning and collaborative working across the wider Hampshire and Isle of Wight area
  • to deliver the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Strategy and Action Plan (2017-22) which takes account of Hampshire Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment 2018
  • to monitor work of the following groups:
    • Domestic Abuse Training Working Group
    • Domestic Abuse Health Working Group
    • Domestic Abuse Commissioning Group

The HDAP Board reports to both the Children and Adult Safeguarding Boards.