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Keep Connected

Being socially connected is hugely important, bringing wellbeing benefits and helping you to feel happy and positive. Being connected to others can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline and overall mortality.

Clubs, groups or one-to-one support

There are a wide range of clubs, activities and adult learning courses available across Hampshire to enjoy with others. You can explore these in the Community directory on the Connect to Support Hampshire website. You can filter by different categories to suit your likes, dislikes or any needs you may have.

You may feel nervous to step straight into a group. Try not to worry, they are welcoming, and everyone was new once. You can always contact the group leader in advance or perhaps go with a friend.

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Support others

Volunteering in your local community can help you to connect with others, whilst helping to make a positive change for others. As one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, it’s not only a great way for you to make new friends but also helps to boost your own wellbeing.

There are a wide range of ways to get involved in your local community depending on your interests or the skills you want to offer. You can support on a regular basis, or as and when you are able. Search for local opportunities in your area.

Ways to help you stay connected

We know it’s not always as simple as finding a local activity you enjoy and turning up. You may have lots of questions, such as how to get there or where to find the local toilets. Perhaps the group is online and you need support with your digital skills.


Connect to Support Hampshire has lots of information on public and community transport schemes.


It can be daunting to go out and not know where the nearest toilets are. You can plot your route and use the Great British Toilet Map (or the Changing Places Toilet Map for more accessibility and facilities) to know where you can access a toilet in a hurry.

If you experience incontinence, see our page to find out more about the support available.

Digital skills

Connect to Support Hampshire lists a wide range of learning opportunities, including help to get online and digital skills.

Staying steady

Maintaining or improving your strength and balance is vital to help you stay mobile and independent with confidence. Our ‘Be Active’ and Stay Steady pages have ideas to help you move more, continue doing the things you love and keep up with your friends or family.