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Be Active

Fun, Friendship and Fitness

Keeping active is one of the most important things that we can do to continue living life to the full, and can:

  • Help you feel fit, strong and energised
  • Improve your sleep, mood and help you to feel positive
  • Help you stay socially connected

What do we mean by being active?

When we think about being active, we don’t mean you have to be out running or lifting weights at the gym. We mean moving more.

Find something that works for you. You can wear whatever you’re comfortable in, whether you’re moving at home, joining an exercise class, or getting outside to try a new activity with a friend. There is something for everyone.

Five tips to improve your activity


Doing something, however small, is better than nothing


Build up slowly to make it achievable


Try something you enjoy


Add strength and balance to your routine


Try to challenge yourself

“There is no situation, there is no age and no condition where exercise is not a good thing”

– Professor Chris Whitty

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