Highways Asset Management Policy

Providing a safe, well managed, and resilient highway network for all who use it

Effective highway management is a key factor enabling the delivering of Hampshire County Council’s Strategic Plan outcomes:

  • Hampshire maintains strong and sustainable economic growth and prosperity
  • People in Hampshire live safe, healthy and independent lives
  • People in Hampshire enjoy a rich and diverse environment
  • People in Hampshire enjoy being part of strong, inclusive communities

Highway Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Strategy

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2020-2021

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2018-2019

Annual Review cover Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2019-2020

Carbon Strategy Report - front cover Hampshire Highways Carbon Strategy Report 2020 to 2024

Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP)

The HMMP provides information on how Hampshire County Council manages the maintenance of its highways.  It identifies the statutory obligations of Hampshire County Council as the highway authority and sets out the policies and processes which aim to keep the highway safe and meet the required levels of service.  It is an integral part of Hampshire’s Highway Asset Management Framework and enables the delivery of the aims and objectives in the Asset Management Policy and Strategy.

There are 8 key policies:

  • Policy HW1 – Enforcement and Prosecution: How we deal with illegal activities on the Highway
  • Policy HW2 – Licensing and Consents: Activities on the Highway requiring management and control. It provides guidance and links to standard forms
  • Policy HW3 – Highway Status: Adoption and the extinguishment of highways maintainable at public expense
  • Policy HW4 – Routine and Reactive Maintenance: Routine and reactive maintenance activities on the network and describes any adopted service standards
  • Policy HW5 – Structural Maintenance: Planned, structural maintenance activities on the network
  • Policy HW6 – New Infrastructure: Specifications and standards for new construction
  • Policy HW7 – Weather Emergencies: Routine and reactive activities during periods of severe weather
  • Policy HW8 – Network Management and Streetworks: Regulation and coordination of all road works on the highway

Highways Maintenance Management Plan

Communications Plan

It is important that we listen and communicate with customers. The Highways Maintenance and Asset Management Communications Plan outlines the following aims and objectives:

  • to provide clarity and transparency in the County Council’s approach to asset management and highway maintenance
  • to help people understand the County Council’s policy approach to asset management
  • to develop a performance management framework to highlight the work of the County Council
  • to continue to improve the successful use of social media for our winter maintenance operations to wider highway maintenance services