Highways Asset Management

Providing a safe, well managed, and resilient highway network for all who use it

Highway asset management is a strategic approach that uses data and processes to enable informed decision making. It helps us to understand the assets we have, measure and monitor how they perform, and determine the funding needed to mitigate the demands placed upon them.

Hampshire County Council seeks to maximise value for money by balancing reactive, preventative, and planned highway maintenance activities over the whole life of the infrastructure. This is achieved through the implementation of data driven investment strategies and a robust risk-based asset management approach in delivering highway maintenance services. This approach aligns with the principles of the Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice.

Effective highway management is a key factor enabling the delivery of Hampshire County Council’s Strategic Plan outcomes:

  • Hampshire maintains strong and sustainable economic growth and prosperity
  • People in Hampshire live safe, healthy and independent lives
  • People in Hampshire enjoy a rich and diverse environment
  • People in Hampshire enjoy being part of strong, inclusive communities
Highway Maintenance Management Policy and Strategy

The Highways Asset Management Policy & Strategy identify Hampshire County Council’s asset management aims, objectives for managing the highway network and provide a framework for delivering our corporate priorities through effective, informed and evidence-based decision making.

Highways Asset Management Policy

Highways Asset Management Strategy

Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP)

The HMMP provides information on how Hampshire County Council manages the maintenance of its highways. It identifies the statutory obligations of Hampshire County Council as the highway authority and sets out the policies and processes which aim to keep the highway safe and meet the required levels of service. It is an integral part of Hampshire’s Highway Asset Management Framework and enables the delivery of the aims and objectives in the Asset Management Policy and Strategy.

Highway Maintenance Management Plan

Communications Plan

Hampshire County Council acknowledges the importance of effective communication with stakeholders and customers at various stages in asset management and highway maintenance processes. The Highways Asset Management Communications Plan aims to provide clarity and transparency in our approach to delivering highway maintenance services.

Highways Asset Management Communications Strategy

A Hampshire Highways Annual Review is published to communicate and raise awareness of the highway services we deliver and the key challenges we face. It provides an insight into some of the work undertaken during the year and demonstrates our commitment to tackling climate change.

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2017-2018

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2018-2019

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2019-2020

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2020-2021

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2021-2022

Hampshire Highways Annual Review 2022-2023

Hampshire Highways Carbon Strategy

The Hampshire Highways Carbon Strategy 2020-24 sets out our ambitions for a more sustainable highway service. This strategy has been developed to help us change how we deliver highway operations to reduce our impact on the environment and create a low carbon service.

Hampshire Highways Carbon Strategy 2020-24

Hampshire Highways Carbon Report 2021

Resilient Highway Network

A well-maintained highway network minimises disruption and delays, increases accessibility, creates safer roads, leads to fewer accidents, and improves the overall level of service provided.

Hampshire County Council has identified a sub section of the highway network that contains the most critical routes and highway assets. This ‘Resilient Network’ has been defined so that planned and reactive maintenance services can be prioritised to maintain economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather emergencies, major incidents, and other disruptive events.

Hampshire Highways Resilient Network map