Report a broken or missing traffic sign

Responsibility of Hampshire County Council

Any damaged or loose road sign will be repaired or re-fixed where possible. If it is not possible to repair/refix, or a sign is missing, a replacement will be ordered on a timescale relevant to the type of sign.

The priority given to dealing with signs will be

  1. regulatory signs: signs with red circles
  2. warning signs: mostly triangular
  3. direction signs: mostly rectangular. Destinations and map type
  4. information signs: mostly rectangular

Please note District & Borough Councils are responsible for street name plates. You can use this link to find your local council, and their website:

Where damage has been caused to apparatus maintained by Hampshire County Council, we may be able to claim back the cost of any repairs. If you are responsible for causing damage, or are reporting damage caused by a third party there is a section on the reporting form to supply information such as:

  • date and time of the incident
  • details of any vehicle that caused the damage, for example make, model, registration
  • police ref number if available
  • details of any witnesses who saw the damage take place
  • details of any business that caused the damage

This information will assist us in our enquiries.