Street light maintenance and services

Streetlight-related services and contact information

Enerveo Contracting

Enerveo are contracted to replace and maintain all street lighting for Hampshire County Council.

Contact Enerveo:

When contacting Enerveo for any of the below services, you will be required to provide the road name, town and number of the light. Light numbers are displayed on each post facing the road.

Fault reporting

Lights maintained by Hampshire County Council are labelled with our name and logo, our service provider's name and logo, and a contact telephone number.

To report a fault, use the Enerveo 'Report a faulty street light' form.

Report a faulty street light

Services available

Light shields

Light shields can be requested to reduce light intrusion.

There is a charge for this service.

Overgrown vegetation

Where vegetation is blocking a streetlight Enerveo are responsible for pruning.

Move an existing streetlight

If you need a streetlight moved, for example to enable the installation of a dropped kerb, contact Enerveo.

There is a charge for this service.

Request a new street light

Hampshire County Council will consider requests for new streetlights.

Lighting not maintained by Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council and Enerveo do not maintain:

  • lights on motorway and trunk roads (Highways Agency)
  • lights at military establishments (MoD)
  • lights near railway lines and stations (Network Rail)

If you are unsure who maintains the lighting in your area contact us:

Service standards

Our remote monitoring system automatically checks each light every night and reports any faults directly to Enerveo.

For manual units, night inspections are completed approximately every 14 days in the winter and every 28 days in summer.

Hampshire County Council aims to deal with faults promptly and within the following response times:

  • for normal faults we aim to attend the site within three business days, and repair the fault, or assess a more involved repair / cable fault. In the latter cases, repairs may take an additional 10 to 35 days to correct
  • where there is an electricity supply fault, which is the responsibility of Enerveo, the repair of these faults may take an additional 10 to 35 days to correct

Hampshire County Council also carry out checks to keep all street lights and illuminated signs fully operational and electrically safe:

  • planned maintenance, cleaning and visual checks
  • every 24 months we carry out a visual, electrical, structural and mechanical inspection to make sure that the lights are in safe working order as well as cleaning the lantern
  • illuminated traffic bollards are cleaned three times each year during the winter months
  • lamps are generally replaced on block, every two or four years, depending on the type of lamp

Resources to assist commercial building developers: