What we need

These are our Top 5 items, they're what we want to see in your household recycling

When placing recycling into your recycling wheeled bins or sacks for collection, please ensure they are clean, dry and loose - please don't put smaller items inside larger ones e.g. cans or bottles into a cereal box.

Tins and cans

We collect steel and aluminium tins and cans, which we recycle into new tins and cans!

Recycle cans

Drink cans, food tins, pet food cans, sweet and biscuit tins - just give them a quick rinse. Leave lids attached or place within the emptied, clean container.

No dirty cans or paint tins please.



Empty aerosols such as deodorant cans and air freshener sprays can be included in your recycling.

Recycle aerosols

Please don't add:

  • camping gas canisters
  • aerosols with a hazard symbol (an orange and black skull and crossbones) e.g. oven cleaner

Please don't pierce or squash aerosols.


Paper and magazines

We want all different types of paper!

Recycle paper

Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogues, envelopes.

Please don't add shredded paper, gift wrap, wet/ soiled paper, tissues, paper towels, photographs. 


Recycle card

Cardboard packaging such as cereal boxes or similar can be included in your recycling.

We are also able to accept larger cardboard boxes, but these need to be broken down into smaller pieces.

Please don't add soiled items such as take-away boxes. Remove wrapping tape and staples attached to the cardboard.

Plastic bottles

Recycle plasticsIf it's made of plastic and shaped like a bottle, we want it!

Drink bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles.

Lids and labels can be left on. Please empty any liquid content and squash the bottle before replacing the lid.

No other plastic - only plastic and bottle shaped.

Why can't all plastics be recycled?

Everything else

There are plenty of other ways to recycle things, but only the five items above belong in your kerbside recycling bin or bag.

Recycling information graphic

Recycling banks or collections accept all sorts of materials, and you can take lots of items to Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Unsure what to do with some waste?

More information

Recycle for Hampshire is Project Integra's campaign to encourage people in Hampshire to recycle more. We achieve this through the promotion of recycling and its benefits to Hampshire residents, and via an educational programme delivered directly to pupils within Hampshire's schools.

Project Integra is a partnership of 11 of Hampshire's district authorities, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council, Hampshire County Council, and a waste contractor, Veolia Environmental Services (VES), working together to provide an integrated solution for Hampshire's waste.

Collections of waste and recycling from your home are carried out by your local district or borough council. Hampshire County Council is responsible for recycling or disposing of the waste collected.

The unitary authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton are responsible for both disposal and collection of waste and recycling in their area.

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Head of Project Integra
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