Why recycle?

Recycling saves money, benefits the environment, helps the economy, and creates jobs

Saving money

It costs much less to recycle waste than it does to dispose of it, so by recycling you are helping your local council avoid wasting money.

Costs £130 per household per year

Conserving resources

The materials we recycle are turned into new products, reducing the need for raw materials such as trees, metal and oil. This saves resources and protects natural habitats.

Saving energy

Making products out of recycled, rather than raw, materials uses considerably less energy. It also means that energy does not need to be used to extract and transport raw materials.

The graphic below shows for how long the energy saved by recycling items can be used to power different appliances.

Energy saved by recycling

Protecting the environment

Mining, quarrying or logging raw materials creates substantial air and water pollution. Recycling reduces the need for this extraction, saves energy and even helps tackle climate change. Each year, through recycling alone, Hampshire saves the equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions as taking 40,000 cars off our roads!

Reducing landfill

Thanks to recycling and energy recovery, Hampshire now landfills less than 5% of its household waste.

The graphic below shows how much material are we capturing for recycling.

What we could do better

We need to do better with cans and plastic bottles!

What's more, most of the recycling we collect from houses across Hampshire is reprocessed here in the UK using sustainable markets and is used to make new items. So your papers, plastics, metals and glass are recycled into new cans, newspapers, bottles and much more!

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