Suggested promises for welcoming ceremonies

Well-chosen promises can help to make a welcoming ceremony unique. Promises are also a wonderful way of including friends and family, celebrating their love and commitment to your child (or pet!).

Parent promises

Suggested promises

Will you promise to shelter, protect, love and support [name] for as long as he/she needs you?

Will you promise to respect [name] as an individual and help him/her/them develop his/her/their own thoughts and opinions?

Will you promise to be a good role model so that he/she/they learns right from wrong, truth from dishonesty?

Will you endeavour to bring up [name] in a home filled with love and kindness, with tolerance of others, with respect for humanity, and for the earth that supports us?

Will you promise to give a secure, loving and caring home which will help [name] to fulfil his/her/their true potential in life?

Will you promise to give [name] unconditional love throughout his/her life and be therefor him/her whenever he/she needs you?

Will you promise to encourage and support [name] in his/her chosen endeavours, irrespective of future success or failure?

Will you encourage him/her/them to express their own thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection and teach him/her moral values to enable him/her to become a responsible and caring adult?

I/We promise to teach you honesty, generosity of spirit and tolerance for others.

I/We promise to try to be realistic in my/our hopes for your future and to accept the choices you make as you grow up.

I/We promise to keep you and clothe you, shelter and protect you, love and support you as long as you need, to the best of my/our ability.

I/We will surround you with love and affection, make as sure as I/we can that no harm comes to you and throughout my/our lifetime, always be there for you whenever you need me /us.

Newborn baby cuddling brown knitted teddy

Supporting adult promises

Suggested promises

Will you promise to be a lifetime friend to [name] and share without judgement his/her/their successes, achievements and failures?

Will you promise that in times of difficulty, [name] (child) and [name] (parents) can turn to you for reassurance and help?

Will you care for [name] and keep him/her/them in your thoughts, offer guidance and support and endeavour to see that no harm comes to him/her/them?

Will you promise to keep a careful watch over [name] until he/she/they reaches adulthood, and be always ready to advise, encourage and comfort him/her/them?

Will you encourage and support [name] in his/her/their path through life and help him/her/their maintain the values taught by family, knowing that he/she/they will always be loved?

I promise to support you in all that you do to inspire your imagination and to help you fulfil your dreams.

I promise to be an ear to listen, a voice to advise and a pair of arms that will always have a hug waiting when it's needed, and sometimes when it's not.

I promise to bring out your creative side.

I promise to encourage and support your talents to the best of my ability.

Family portrait of mother and 4 older children