Training with Hampshire Registration

Maximise your team’s potential with Hampshire Registration Service’s training. Our comprehensive training programme has been tailored for registration officers across England and Wales. This means our expert team can provide your staff with the opportunity to develop their skills with confidence.

Training is at the heart of what we do in Hampshire Registration Service. Our goal is to help take the pressure off by providing your service with quality training across all registration services, both statutory and non-statutory. 

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Available courses

Notice of marriage and civil partnership training

4 days  

This training teaches the Deputy Superintendent Registrar to take legal and accurate notices of marriage and notices of civil partnership. 

The training covers: 

  • preliminaries to a marriage 
  • types of notices 
  • places of marriage – civil and religious 
  • acceptable documentary evidence 
  • relevant national - digital checking for EUSS status/pending status 
  • attesting a notice 
  • name change 
  • conditions 
  • prohibited degrees of relationship 
  • sham and forced marriages 
  • reduction in the 28-day waiting period (waivers) 
  • housebound and detained notices 
  • Registrar General’s Licence (RGL) 
  • marriages not in England or Wales 
  • objections and caveats 
  • forms 

Packages will be tailored to your specific training needs.

Additional notice of marriage and civil partnership for those subject to immigration control

1 day 

This optional module builds on the learning already developed through notice training. It includes topics such as:  

  • checking EUSS status (revisit)
  • sham and forced partnerships 
  • documentary evidence required
  • immigration evidence – permits/visas/endorsements 
  • attesting a notice – when to use a Form 48 or Form 49  
  • photo templates 
  • referral to the Home Office – 28-day or 70-day waiting time 
  • Section 24 process 

Packages will be tailored to your specific training needs.