Marriage and civil partnerships

Celebrating your relationship with a legal marriage or civil partnership is a special way to commemorate the love you share. Marking the occasion with friends and family offers the chance to support your partnership and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At Hampshire Ceremonies, we don’t just provide a personal and bespoke ceremony, we simplify the legal parts too. We want your focus to be on enjoying this special moment, which is why we’re on hand to guide you through the process. And, as we deliver over 5000 ceremonies every year, we’re experts in making sure that your special day is memorable.

Giving notice

Giving notice is when you sign a legal statement at your local register office to say you intend to get married or form a civil partnership. This must happen at least 29 days before your ceremony. Your ceremony must take place within 12 months of giving notice.

Ceremonies in Hampshire

Hampshire is a beautiful county and a wonderful choice for any celebration. From castles and country houses to hotels and barns, there are so many stunning locations to choose from.

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