Customer Charter

We are committed to delivering the priorities that you have told us are important to you

This charter is our pledge that we will:

Deliver a service which impacts positively on your drive for school improvement

  • Ensure we understand your school context and the requirements to deliver your school priorities
  • Tailor our service to ensure we support you to achieve your objectives
  • Aim to consistently achieve good or excellent ratings for our casework support and other services

Discuss your required outcomes and timescales at the outset

  • Explore your desired outcomes with you highlighting any HR implications as appropriate
  • Agree the required time scales in order for you to achieve your objectives
  • Set and track milestones with you to help agreed timescales to be achieved
  • Ensure we deliver on these milestones and assist you to do the same where you request us to do so
  • Review progress and agree adjustments where necessary

Provide advice which is practical, flexible and includes a range of risk assessed options

  • Explore a range of options and explain their associated risks where appropriate
  • Help you to make an informed decision about these based on the needs of your school
  • Provide step by step advice through practical tool kits where appropriate

Deliver a personalised service through dedicated named contacts

  • Provide you with access to a team of named specialist education HR advisers who will work with your school
  • Allocate you two named consultants to support your specific casework needs (lead and deputy)
  • Allocate you named contacts for all other services
  • Undertake an induction visit when you first start your headship
  • Get to know you and your school to help understand how you wish to work with us

Ensure your policies, procedures and guidance are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with current legislation

  • Provide you with model policies and procedures to adopt via our website
  • Review these model policies at least every three years
  • Tell you about changes through a variety of communication channels
  • Where known give you half a term's notice of planned, legislative changes and their potential impact
  • Alert you to unexpected changes as soon as practicable

Have a specialist team available to answer your queries through our help desk

  • Operate dedicated help lines where our team of consultants will address your immediate service requirements
  • Provide you with direct access to specialist education HR advisers who are professionally qualified
  • Answer the phones within three rings
  • Respond to your voicemail and email queries throughout the day

Seek your views and respond to your suggestions for improvement

  • Ask you for feedback in respect of the service we provide
  • Acknowledge any areas of dissatisfaction within 5 days and complete investigations within 20 days
  • Tell you how we are doing on a quarterly basis
  • Tell you about improvements we’ve made where appropriate