Early Career Teacher induction

ONLINE BRIEFINGS: Online briefings about Appropriate Body reform are being held by the local Teaching School Hubs early in the summer term – further details: Appropriate Body Reform: Briefings

Appropriate Body transition arrangements

With the government’s Appropriate Body reform agenda, schools may be aware that Local Authorities will no longer be able to provide Appropriate Body Services for new ECTs starting from September 2023, and Local Authorities will cease providing Appropriate Body services for existing ECTs by August 2024.

Hampshire is committed to continuing to provide Appropriate Body services until we are no longer permitted to do so.

From September 2024, designated Teaching School Hubs will be the main provider of all Appropriate Body services to schools.  The Teaching School Hubs who are acting as Appropriate Bodies in our area are:

We are working closely with both Teaching School Hubs to ensure a seamless transition for any ECT who we may need to transfer come Autumn 2024.

For more information, see the information below:

Summer Term 2023 Registrations: Hampshire Assure are happy to register ECTs from the Summer term 2023, but schools should be aware that ECTs with their full six terms to complete will not be able to conclude their statutory induction with us. Schools may, therefore, wish to register with another AB from the Summer term. Hampshire is anticipating that we will continue to support current ECTs until they complete their induction, so it may be the case that schools are using two different ABs during this transitional period. ECTs with some induction to complete after July 2024 will need to transition to another AB for their remaining time.  More information about this will be communicated nearer the time.

ECT Induction

Induction changed in September 2021. The key changes are:

  • NQTs are now called Early Career Teachers (ECTs)
  • The Induction period is now two years (previously one year)
  • The two years is now accompanied by a mandatory CPD programme, based around the Early Career Framework (ECF)
  • The Mentor and Tutor roles have been split out; the mentor has the support/buddy role (weekly meetings etc) and will also need to undergo ECF Mentor training, and the Tutor has more of an evaluative or judgmental role – undertaking lesson observations and formal progress reviews etc.

You can read more about the changes to Induction on gov.uk.

Additionally information is available from the HIAS ECT Moodle.

The Early Career Framework
Hampshire Align is delighted to continue to deliver the ECF in schools, and the Hampshire Advance CPD programme will also be continued.

The Early Career Framework (ECF) was introduced in September 2021 as part of the government’s aim to improve training and development opportunities for teachers and therefore recruitment and retention within the profession.

There are three approaches to delivering the ECF in schools:

  • Full: a fully-funded provider-led programme based around the DfE accredited materials
  • Core: schools deliver their own training using the DfE accredited materials
  • School-led: schools design and deliver their own ECF-based induction

Find out more about the ECF on the DfE Early Career Reforms Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Hampshire Align to deliver my ECF but a different AB?
Of course.  This is happening currently for a few ECTs and seems to be working successfully.

What training and support is available for Induction Tutors?
Online training is free available for Induction Tutors giving an overview of the ECF, an overview of the Induction process, guidance about the paperwork required and guidance about conducting a lesson observation for the purposes of Induction.  There is also an online video about the role of the Appropriate Body which is relevant for both ECTs and Tutors. These are available from the HIAS Moodle

In addition, the ECT Handbook aims to answer a lot of day-to-day queries about Induction and the paperwork. This is available from ECT Manager.

Can NQTs still continue Induction?
NQTs who, on 1 September 2021, had started but not completed their induction have until 1 September 2023 to complete induction within three terms. After 1 September 2023, when the transition period ends, NQTs who have not completed their induction period will be required to complete the equivalent of a two-year induction. NQTs continuing into the Autumn term will remain on NQT Manager and should continue on their current arrangements. NQTs who have not completed induction but start at a new school after September will need to be registered on NQT Manager choosing the ‘one-year induction’ option.

Information for independent schools and FE colleges:
Independent schools and FE colleges do not have to offer Induction, but many NQTs and ECTs appreciate it and it is great CPD and induction to the profession.  If you do offer Induction, you need to do it in line with the Statutory Guidance and contract with an Appropriate Body to quality assure the Induction provision in your school.

Most independent schools and FE colleges are not state-funded and therefore are not able to access the fully-funded ‘Full’ ECF but are able to access free-to-use ‘Core’ materials from the four government approved ECF providers. The exception to this is independent schools who receive Section 41 funding who are therefore eligible to access a ‘Full’ provider-led ECF programme.

Hampshire County Council use Ambition materials to deliver the ECF as a ‘Full’ programme to maintained schools, but all schools are free to choose whichever of the provider materials are best suited to their school.  You can find the Core materials on the DfE website. Schools who are not using the ‘Full’ programme are required to have their ECF-delivery quality assured, which is termed a ‘Fidelity Check’ and is separately chargeable. Please contact us for more information about this.

Contact details

Hampshire Assure is operated by Education Personnel Services in Hampshire County Council. We provide the statutory Appropriate Body service for Hampshire schools and Academies as well as colleges and independent schools, and schools in neighbouring Local Authorities.

Our friendly team is available during normal office hours and throughout the year including the school holidays.

Email: [email protected]

Via NQT Manager (Helpdesk function): https://hants.nqtmanager.com/Login.aspx

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