Making the most of your application

A gripping application is vital in making you stand out for a position in a school from the other candidates. It is therefore essential for you to tailor each application form for every job you apply for. This is to show the Headteacher how much you understand about the school and the profession and how much you would complement their school.

Application forms

Alternative formats

For those applicants who may find it difficult to complete a standard application form because of language difficulties, or hearing- or visual-impairments, services are available for producing documents in alternative formats. See the Hampshire County Council Web accessibility page.

Completing application forms
  • Read the application form before you start writing.
  • Tailor your application to the Job Specification if you have been sent one.
  • Complete the form fully – write 'N/A' if appropriate.
  • If you have visited the school make a reference to this in your application form.
  • Check through your form for spelling, grammar and punctuation. Ideally get someone to read through it for you.
  • Don't send a CV or additional paperwork unless specifically requested.
  • Keep a copy of the completed application and take it with you to the interview.
About you

Things to think about before you complete an application form or attend an interview:


  • did you decide to apply for this role?
  • are you the best candidate for this school?
  • is this school the perfect fit for you?

Are you

  • aware of the importance of classroom organisation and management?
  • able to create a positive learning environment?
  • passionate about your continuing professional development?

Do you

  • have background knowledge of the school, such as Ofsted reports, exam results, school ethos, etc.?
  • understand equal opportunities?
  • have good communication skills?

How will you

  • ensure the safety of children in your care?
  • manage your work-life balance?
  • manage and deploy additional support, e.g. Learning Support Assistants and parents?

What is

  • your attitude to teamwork?
  • your weakness and what are you doing to overcome it?
  • your vision of your career five years from now?

The interviewer needs to find out more about you. Before the interview, think about what you have achieved, professionally and personally, which is relevant to the post you are applying for.

Make sure you are prepared. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Research the school – look at recent Ofsted reports and exam and test results. As well as adding to your overall knowledge of the school, this may help you to provide fuller answers. You should also examine the information with a view to developing questions for your interviewer, such as 'I notice the school's test results have improved over recent years. How will this role contribute to this trend?' You can find information about individual Hampshire schools.
  • Know the time and location of the interview and the name of the person interviewing you.
  • Plan how to get to your interview and when you will need to set off to be there in good time. Aim to get there no earlier than half an hour beforehand, and allow time for delays.
  • Prepare the day before any requested certificates or paperwork.

If you are offered a post:

  • Make sure you are clear on the offer and the starting salary.
  • Complete any other documentation required by the school (for example pre-employment checks).
  • Confirm the start date.