Our teams

Who will be working with you to provide short term support and/or to assess your care needs?

Depending on your situation and the service you receive, you may work with some or all of the following NHS and Social Care professionals.

occupational therapists


Therapists carry out an assessment of what your current abilities are in your everyday activities. They will work with you to identify outcomes and goals and then offer you specific support to achieve these. They may suggest changes to your environment or equipment. These changes could help you reduce the risk of injury or illness. Or they may help you regain movement and function if you have been affected by injury or illness.

Social Workers

Social Workers

A social worker can assess your care needs. If you are eligible for long-term care services from the Council, they will work with you to develop a support plan.



Carers or care assistants assist you to manage everyday activities such as personal care, washing and dressing. They will also help to ensure you have enough to eat and drink. If you have been given exercises and routines to aid your recovery, supporting you with these is also part of their role. If you need routine medication, the care assistant may support you with this.


Registered Nurses

Registered nurses oversee the care delivery within some of our short term services (particularly if you are leaving hospital) and also work closely with our partners, including visiting professionals such as the GP and therapists. They will often be involved in ensuring you have the medications you need at the right time.

Sensory service

Sensory Service workers

Sensory Service workers offer specialist support for people with sight and/or hearing loss. They offer advice and information on a variety of aspects of daily living, including kitchen skills, lighting and demonstrate the equipment which will enable you to continue living independently. They can also refer you to other organisations that can provide additional support to meet your sensory needs.


Reablement workers

Reablement workers support you to regain and learn new skills to enable you to be as independent as possible within the community. The Reablement service works with you through an assessment process, building confidence and empowering and encouraging you to be able to complete tasks for yourself.

If you are going to stay in a recovery and assessment suite, you will be given more information about the staff involved in your care and support there when you arrive.