You are going home with short term support to aid your recovery.

This service is free for a maximum of six weeks.

About this service

While you are in hospital a nurse will speak to you about preparing to leave and your situation at home.

You may be feeling confident about going home. But if you, or the nursing team, feel that you may need some support to return home, the nurse may ask an assessor from Hampshire County Council’s Adults' Health and Care department to speak to you. With your consent, they can carry out an assessment to help you identify your care needs and to see if you can get any help from the department.

There are social work teams in all hospitals so you do not have to contact the Adults' Heath and Care department yourself for an assessment.

If reablement is right for you, we will discuss the most appropriate way to deliver this service.


The Reablement Team will work with you to help you regain strength and confidence in doing the things you used to do. It’s not about doing things for you; it’s about giving you the skills and confidence to get back to doing everyday tasks and activities yourself - in a way that is realistic and safe. This could be cooking for yourself, bathing without help or getting to the shops.

Reablement allows more time for assessment and recovery. It also provides help to you and your family as you consider your specific care needs and plan for the future.

As well as support in your home, we may provide support such as:

  • equipment in your own home
  • support with sensory problems
  • support with your mobility

The aim will always be to help you to maintain or regain as much independence as possible.


Reablement teams are made up of social care professionals from Hampshire County Council, including reablement workers and occupational therapists. The team will work with you closely and will review your reablement plan at regular intervals.

N.B. If you receive reablement at home, the Reablement team are unable to:

  • carry out domestic duties, other than where hygiene is an issue
  • undertake any nursing procedures
  • help with medication that has not been prescribed or has been taken out of the original packaging.

Find out more about our Community Response Teams (including CQC ratings) that work as part of the Reablement service.


The service is available free of charge for up to a maximum of six weeks. It may be less than six weeks, depending on your situation.

We hope that the reablement help you receive will enable you to manage at home and maintain your independence. At the end of the reablement period, we will assess whether you need ongoing care and support.


If you have ongoing care and support needs which are assessed as being eligible for help from the Council, we will work with you to develop a personal support plan.

There are many different options we will look at with you. This could include what you can do for yourself, help from family and friends, access to community facilities or support from voluntary services. We might also suggest equipment or adaptations to your home. Your support plan will make the most of what you can do with the help you have around you.

If you are not eligible for services from the Council, we will give you information and advice about how to access care and support services for yourself. You can find information and services to manage your own care needs and to stay independent on the Connect to Support Hampshire website.


If you are eligible for help from the Council and you require formal services, such as residential care or a paid carer coming into your home, we will arrange for you to have a financial assessment, if you haven’t had one previously. This is to determine how your long-term care will be funded.

Depending on your financial circumstances, you may need to pay some or all of the cost of your care and support.

The Council reserves the right to charge you for your care from the date long-term care is assessed as appropriate and provided. As short-term services are time limited, this may start on a date before we can carry out your financial assessment. It would also apply if you received long-term services in the same location as the short-term service. Any charges will be in line with our usual practices.

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