Behaviour and Parenting

Being a parent is a tough job. Positive experiences - and good parent-infant relationships during the early years - are associated with forming a secure attachment. This contributes to:

  • good physical and mental health
  • speech and language development
  • emotional self-regulation
  • resilience
  • good health outcomes throughout the life of the child.

Attachment is defined as a secure relationship with a parent or carer which allows a baby or child to grow and develop physically, emotionally and intellectually. Babies and children need to feel safe, protected and nurtured and have their needs met. Unmet attachment needs may lead to social, behavioural or emotional difficulties, which can affect the child's outcomes.

Early Years settings are a great place to provide encouragement, tips and reassurance to parents and carers.

Advice and resources

Baby Buddy pregnancy and parenting app

Peanut social networking app for women making it easy to meet, chat and learn about fertility and motherhood

DadPad app provides knowledge and skills for new dads (available for Hampshire residents to download free from your app store) or order a hardcopy for £10 from the DadPad website

Hampshire Healthy Families offers information and advice about healthy families from the Public Health Nursing Service

Chat Health free text messaging service set up to support parents, carers and families of under 5s in Hampshire. The service is run by local health visitors. Text the dedicated number 07520 615720

Five to Thrive has five key activities embedded in its message to support attachment: Respond · Cuddle · Relax · Play · Talk

NHS Start4Life offer support to parents during pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Family Lives offer advice and support for families on a range of issues. They also have a Parent Channel TV with free videos to support and encourage parents and carers with a range of concerns including behaviour, wellbeing and learning.

HomeStart Hampshire can provide families in need with an experienced parenting volunteer to provide emotional and practical support

Relate has a section on help with family life and parenting

Gingerbread is a charity that supports single parents

Positive Parenting guide from NSPCC

NCT has a range of articles, including tantrums and tricky behaviour

ERIC and Wessex Healthier Together Toilet training page provides toileting advice