It is important that young children get vaccinated. Vaccinating children protects not only the child but others around them, including other children in childcare settings and particularly the vulnerable. Making sure children are fully vaccinated will also reduce the likelihood or impact of outbreaks of certain preventable diseases in a childcare setting. Some vaccines are given to children as a single dose. Others require multiple doses. For example, the MMR vaccine (covering measles, mumps and rubella) requires two doses to give optimal protection. Early Years settings can help promote and remind parents of the importance of getting their child(ren) vaccinated.

National Guidance

Subject to local risk assessment, staff should also be offered relevant occupational vaccines, usually paid for by the employer. More information is provided here: Health protection in school and other childcare facilities: Chapter 5 Immunisation from UK Health Security Agency 

Timely vaccination of all eligible children is also important to protect against seasonal flu and help prevent outbreaks in childcare settings, which potentially affect children, staff and their families. Flu immunisation for early years settings including child minders guidance for early years childcare settings on the nasal spray flu (influenza) vaccination for preschool children from UK Health Security Agency.

For more information about incidence of certain diseases and vaccine uptake rates explore UK Health Security Agency’s Vaccination data for Hampshire

Advice and resources

Pre-School Immunisations: A guide to vaccinations from two years old until starting primary school by NHS and UK Health Security Agency

Parents and carers might be worried about side effects of vaccines for children. There are myths circulating too. What to expect after vaccinations UK Health Security Agency’s leaflet explains common side effects that might occur in babies and children under 5.

A GP explains why childhood vaccines are safe and important

Explore lots of NHS information for parents about vaccination including vaccination schedule, myths, tips, why they are safe and important

Essential Vaccination Guide by Wessex Healthier Together

Institute of Health Visiting Parent Tips 1 and Tips 2 on vaccinations