We all need sleep. It helps little ones to grow and develop. Longer periods of sleep loss can significantly impair learning and cognitive processing. Young children who do not get enough sleep are at greater risk of becoming obese as older children and adults. Every child will need a different amount, but making sure they have a safe, regular bedtime routine to help them sleep well is important. Early Years settings and the health visiting service can support parents establish a good bedtime routine if they are struggling.

National Guidance

NHS information Helping your baby to sleep guide

Advice and resources

Lullaby Trust Safer Sleep Advice including a Safer Sleep Awareness Guide for Childminders, Foster Carers, Nannies and Nursery Settings

Baby Sleep Info Source for parents and practitioners

Bath, Book, Bed routine from the Book Trust

Safe Sleeping reducing the risk of SIDS advice from Wessex Healthier Together

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Partnership Every Sleep Counts Toolkit