Health Protection

Health Protection

Healthy pupils means fewer school days missed. Schools have a role to play in preventing the spread of illness. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions: Schools will be aware of their requirements in relation to CYP with medical conditions. Schools should continue to review their policy and its implementation regularly, in line with the Department for Education (DfE) statutory guidance and templates. HIAS no longer offers training to support these requirements. Schools should therefore seek guidance and source training independently. HIAS is unable to recommend external providers as they do not engage in these quality assurance activities and cannot promote one provider over another.

National Guidance

Guidance: Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities a practical guide for staff on managing cases of infectious diseases in childcare settings

Infection Control Guidance from NICE

Winter-readiness (infection prevention) information for South East England schools and nurseries by Public Health England. Contains planning checklist, key messages, and resources.

HIOW Gastroenteritus Outbreak Guidance is a useful resource for managing (non Covid19) outbreaks in a school settings. These will continue to occur and we mustn’t lose focus on their prevention and management.

Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school statutory guidance about the support that pupils with medical conditions should receive at school

Protecting children during outbreaks: immunisation in school guidance on outbreaks in schools including why immunisations are offered to protect children, and consent advice from Public Health England

Department for Education Guidance for Schools: Coronavirus (Covid19)

Advice and Resources

Immunisation resources for schools and Measles promotional resources aimed at parents and carers to remind them to check that their child is up to date with their vaccinations

E-Bug online games and teaching resources about microbes, antibiotics and hand hygiene

The Spotty Book notes on infectious diseases in Schools and Nurseries

Tick awareness

'Family First Aid # ActFastChallenge' resource

Covid-19 Hub from the PSHE Association, including advice on addressing Coronavirus with pupils and teaching PSHE remotely

Free to access PSHE Association drug and alcohol schemes of work, developed by Public Health England. Topics include 'safety rules at home for medicines and household products, including what medicines and vaccinations are and how they help to keep people healthy'.


Hand hygiene information from the NHS

Bacteria and How To Fight Them (YouTube clip) BBC EarthLab

Global Handwashing Day 15 October

Sun Safety

Hampshire County Council’s extreme weather advice

Sunscreen and Sun Safety information from the NHS

Sun Safe Schools

Free e-learning

e-Bug Health Educator Training: Improve your ability to teach children and young people how to prevent the spread of infection and to use antibiotics responsibly