Hampshire’s Public Health Vision

Hampshire County Council is committed to improving the health of everyone living in Hampshire.

Although Hampshire is generally a healthy place to live, not everyone enjoys the same level of good health. Recently we have seen that some people are dying earlier than they should be and the number of years they are living in good health is less than other residents.

To create a healthier Hampshire, we have two ambitions:

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    To increase the number of years Hampshire residents can expect to live in good health.

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    To reduce the unfair gap in healthy life years between the most and least healthy.

Our Public Health Strategy

Our Public Health Strategy gives clear direction on how we will improve health and tackle health inequalities, shaping our work and partnerships. We want no one to be left behind in Hampshire, so we will listen to the voices of our communities to understand the impact poor health has on their lives, and how we can work together to improve everyone’s health.

How we can make an impact

We can make the biggest impact on people’s lives by addressing the building blocks of health.

These are things like the buildings, spaces and the natural environment around us, how we travel, the food we eat, the quality of education and work we do, and the money we have. They are also the homes we live in, the relationships we have with family and friends, and the connections with communities we are part of.

These hugely influence our health and explain why it is not an equal playing field for everyone. Hampshire’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment explores the things which affect our health in more detail.

The links between health and wealth are well documented and increasing economic productivity and growth will lead to improvements for everyone. Healthy places and people are vital to delivering this aspect of Hampshire’s Vision for 2050, which is why we need to ensure the right building blocks for health are in place, narrow the gaps and create a healthier Hampshire.

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