What is Hampshire 2050?

The Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry ran from May 2018 to October 2019. It was established to guide and contribute to the future prosperity, quality of life, and protection and enhancement of the character and environment of Hampshire and to provide a framework for which future plans, strategies and ways of working will be packaged.

The Commission reported its findings to an Extraordinary Full Council Meeting on 23 September 2019

It was agreed that the Hampshire Partnership Board, re-named as the Hampshire 2050 Partnership, would be a key vehicle to oversee shared progress against the Commission’s recommendations

Findings from the Commission

Read the outputs from the Commission.

Commissioners’ Summary Report

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“Hampshire is one of England’s great counties. It is a significant contributor to the national economy, home to 1.3 million people and enjoys a unique natural environment. Our environment is arguably Hampshire’s best economic asset, which supports the quality of life we enjoy
Councillor Roy Perry
Leader, Hampshire County Council

“Our ambition is to establish a vision which will guide and contribute to the continuing prosperity of Hampshire, while protecting and enhancing our unique quality of place for generations to come
Councillor Roy Perry
Leader, Hampshire County Council