What is Hampshire 2050?

Following a series of Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry hearings between 2018 and 2019, the Hampshire 2050 Vision was established.

It is a vision for the whole of Hampshire, prepared by expert commissioners and endorsed by a range of partners - The Hampshire 2050 Partnership. For further information on the Commission, see: More about the commission's work.

On November 23 2023, the Hampshire 2050 Partnership was relaunched at a 2050 Summit.

The Leader of Hampshire County Council, Rob Humby, opened the Summit by saying: “no single organisation has the remit, resources and reach to deliver such a wide-ranging Vision alone. The Hampshire 2050 Partnership will give our organisations a solid platform to join the dots between us and our longer-term ambitions even more effectively. It will encourage us to collaborate in different, bold and innovative ways to achieve the outcomes for Hampshire’s residents and places that we’re already striving for.”

Read the outputs from the Commission:

Commissioners’ Summary Report

View the Commission video

The Hampshire 2050 Partnership Summit

The Summit invited key Hampshire 2050 partners and speakers to come together to influence and shape our key collective priorities.

The Summit was designed around the four drivers for change - changing climate, changing environment, changing economy, and changing population and society. Workshops and polling allowed partners to consider what their strategic priorities for collective action would be for each of these drivers and how they could work together to achieve them.

Below you can find a video of the highlights of the Summit and relevant papers.

Highlights of the 2050 Summit - video

Video highlights include:

  • Councillor Rob Humby - Leader, Hampshire County Council
  • Keynote Presentation - Dmitrijs Meiksans, Member of Youth Parliament for Northwest Hampshire with introduction by Councillor Roz Chadd, Deputy Leader, Hampshire County Council

Outcomes of the summit and Next Steps

The outcomes of the Summit can be found in the briefing note linked above.

The next steps are critical to ensuring that the outcomes of this Summit are taken forward in a meaningful way and this is what the Hampshire 2050 Secretariat will be focusing on over the coming weeks. The Secretariat will be using the discussions and thinking from the Summit to shape a ‘roadmap’ to help the partnership realise our collective Vision and move forward to the future with confidence and focus.

Partners will receive further information on next steps in January including proposals on how the priority areas will be taken forward and any governance arrangements. Further work will also be done to connect the outcomes of the Summit with the Hampshire 2050 Vision and recommendations. Dates for future partner meetings to ensure momentum is maintained will also be proposed.