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The Commission of Inquiry

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The Commission of Inquiry is being set up to consider evidence and key issues to make suggestions on a Vision for Hampshire 2050. This will guide and contribute to the future prosperity, quality of life, and protection and enhancement of the character and environment of Hampshire.

The Commission will provide the framework for which future plans, strategies and ways of working will be packaged.


The Commission will consider three questions:

  • What do you think might happen in the future?
  • How will that effect/impact on what we do?
  • How will the County Council and Partners need to react in light of this?

To achieve this, The Commission will:

  • assess the forces that are likely to impact upon and shape the future
  • consider the basis for a new/altered strategic vision for Hampshire to 2050, with the aim of providing strategic guidance for the future of the County
  • provide the basis/strategic template to plan more detailed policies for the future development of the economy, the protection and enhancement of Hampshire’s environment, and for the planning and future delivery of public services
  • consider the relationship with other work streams such as the Government agenda on Local Industrial Strategies. These are seen as setting a longer term vision for local areas, looking beyond traditional economic considerations and providing a framework for future planning and resourcing
  • assess the role and impact of the Government focus on housing and infrastructure. Provide the basis to identify strategic requirements and align funding priorities for future growth and infrastructure aspiration for the county

Commissioners will be identified and invited by the Chair of the Commission, the Leader of the Council.

Strategic themes

The main aim of The Commission is to provide recommendations that will enable Hampshire County Council to continue to deliver the services that the people of Hampshire need, long into the future.

The Commission will consider the themes in six separate hearings:

Demographic and societal challenges

Demographic and societal challenges

This theme would cover the future demography of Hampshire, the changing population and living patterns, and the opportunities and challenges into the future, for example in terms of health and social care, or housing and employment.




This theme would look at the future of the Hampshire economy in the context of Brexit, increasing globalisation and the potential digital and automation revolutions. It would look at the most potentially significant factors influencing business investment and location decisions, including local skills and access to housing.

Work, skills and lifestyle

Work, skills and lifestyle

This theme would examine future learning and working patterns, skills needs in a post digital future. It would also look at the wider quality of life within Hampshire such as arts, leisure and culture.

Environment and quality of place

Environment and quality of place

Hampshire’s natural environment is arguably its main economic asset. This theme looks at how a changing climate, different patterns of living and working, and competing demands on countryside and farmland will impact on environmental quality, character and quality of life in Hampshire.

Mobility, connectivity and energy


<Mobility, connectivity and energy

This theme includes the transport impact of electric powered and autonomous vehicles, impact of smart technology in homes and workplaces, communications technology, and future energy issues.

Rural Hampshire

Rural Hampshire

This theme could look at how economic, social, technological and environmental changes are likely to affect rural communities, the potential for a rural renaissance and new opportunities for rural communities.

Evidence will be gathered through a targeted call for evidence from specified experts and an open call for evidence from residents.


The Commission will report back conclusions from the hearings to Full Council, and provide recommendations for each of the themes. The recommendations from The Commission will be used to help frame future work programmes and ensure that the Council is set up to meet future challenges.

Open call for evidence

We value your input and want to hear your views on the six key themes being considered. Please take part in the Hampshire Commission of Inquiry - Vision to 2050 survey.