Theme five

Mobility, connectivity and energy

The fifth theme of the Commission of Inquiry – Vision for Hampshire 2050, Mobility, connectivity and energy, was held on Friday 25th January 2019 at the Hampshire County Council offices in Winchester.

Insightful presentations from The University of Southampton, JCC Bowers, Mark Selby and Hampshire County Council together with wider evidence gathered from a range of sources identified some clear challenges and opportunities for Commissioners to consider in order to ensure that Hampshire continues to prosper into the future.

Mobility, connectivity and energy

Photographs from the hearing

Public opinion

We asked the public for their views and evidence on the Mobility, connectivity and energy theme ahead of the hearing; the key themes that were raised are shown in the word cloud and video.

Provide us your views and opinions on the remaining themes here on our online survey.

Hampshire Vision 2050 theme fivewordcloud

Videos from the hearing

Powerpoint presentations