Hampshire 2050 Partnership

2 February 2022

The Partners and Commissioners of the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry attended a virtual Hampshire 2050 Partnership event on the 2 February 2022.

The event focused on the Environment Act 2021 and the energy landscape in Hampshire. Both these issues have significant implications for Hampshire, in how we navigate through the next 30 years to reach our carbon neutral and resilience targets whilst enhancing and strengthening our environment, economy and society. These two areas not only present challenges in terms of changing the way we live, our choices and behaviours but also provide opportunities to develop skills and create new jobs for a greener, stronger Hampshire.

The first presentation was from Ruth Chambers from the Green Alliance’s Greener UK unit. Ruth spoke about the opportunities and challenges that the Environment Act presents across a wide spectrum of priorities. The presentation explored different sections of the Environment Act and outlined the new independent office that will hold the government accountable for development and implementation of current and future environmental policy.

The second presentation was a joint presentation focusing on energy in Hampshire. Dr Ben Anderson, a Principal Research Fellow on Energy and Climate Change at the University of Southampton, spoke about the current energy landscape in Hampshire and the main challenges the county faces in becoming carbon neutral.

Christian Jaccarini, a Senior Consultant with the New Economics Foundation, provided a summary of the report “A Green Economic Recovery for Hampshire”, which focuses on the challenge of taking Hampshire’s private housing stock to carbon neutrality.

Ollie Pendered - Chief Executive of Community Energy South - spoke about the journey being taken by communities in Hampshire to create their own energy projects.

The Hampshire 2050 Partnership event provided a timely update on progress that is being made on complex issues, such as energy, despite the challenges faced over the last two years.

All four presentations can be found below. The briefing papers and full report from the New Economics Foundation can also be viewed below.

Ruth Chambers

Ruth Chambers

Ruth Chambers joined Green Alliance’s Greener UK unit in October 2017 as senior parliamentary affairs associate. Before joining Greener UK, Ruth worked with a wide range of not-for-profit and public sector organisations, helping them to engage with and influence government and parliament.

She has worked on several bills including the Modern Slavery Bill, Housing and Planning Bill, Criminal Finances Bill and the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Prior to that, she was deputy chief executive of the Campaign for National Parks.

Dr Ben Anderson

Dr Ben Anderson

Dr Ben Anderson is a Principal Research Fellow on Energy & Climate Change in the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Ben is a recognised expert on domestic energy demand reduction and the analysis of household energy use in space and time. He has recently provided advice and consultancy to the UK Departments for Environment & Rural Affairs and Energy & Climate Change/BEIS, the Scottish Government, water/energy sector corporates and NGOs on patterns of domestic energy & water use. In addition, he has previously provided research consultancy to NGOs, corporate clients and governmental organisations including Ofcom, the Department of Health, the EU JRC, the UK Cabinet Office and the UK Parliament.

Christian Jacarrini

Christian Jacarinni

Christian Jaccarini is a Senior Consultant with the New Economics Foundation has been working with us to create a strategy for green economic recovery.

An economist by training, Christian has experience in socio-economic research, macroeconomic forecasting, and policy analysis. Before joining NEF Consulting, Christian worked as an economist for a consultancy across a wide range of sectors including property, retail, and financial services. He has also worked in the Welsh Affairs Committee on patterns and trends of ICT and media use.

Ollie Pendered

Ollie Pendered

Ollie Pendered is the Chief Executive of Community Energy South and Director of Community Energy England.

Hampshire County Council has been working with Community Energy South’s Pathways programme to help communities in Hampshire develop their own viable local community energy schemes. Ollie co-founded Community Energy South (CES) in 2013 to support the growth of the community energy sector across the South-East region. He also sits on the board of Community Energy England. CES looks to create new market models for the sector including Riding Sunbeams a world first connecting solar to the railways and CommuniHeat creating a coordinated approach for low carbon rural villages.

Ollie was previously Southern Local Energy Partnerships Manager and Community Energy lead for Department of Business and Industrial Strategy and was involved in the early stages of the regional energy strategies undertaken by the LEPs.