Situated on a coastal stretch of the New Forest, Lepe Country Park benefits from the rich wildlife and historical woodland that makes the area so popular

The New Forest’s history spans almost 1,000 years. It’s even recorded in the Domesday Book in 1086. First recorded as Nova Foresta, the New Forest is the only forest that’s described in detail.

The New Forest is renowned for its expansive heathland, over 140 miles of picturesque forest trails, and free-roaming ponies and deer. In 2005, it was named a national park to give the idyllic landscape the highest level of protection and preserve it for generations to come.

Wooden bridge in an autumnal forest

New Forest Code

When you’re visiting Lepe and other parts of the New Forest, follow the New Forest Code.

New Forest National Park Authority

The New Forest National Park Authority works to conserve the New Forest and preserve its character and heritage. This includes nature conservation, education, recreation, and archaeology.